About Us

Mastic Beach Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community-led organization. The Conservancy consists of of residents of Mastic Beach, Mastic and Shirley, and includes life-long residents and newcomers alike, all passionately dedicated to the work ahead of them.

Our mission is to conserve the 6 ½ miles of publicly-accessible, recreational waterfront throughout the Mastic Beach and Shirley Conservation Area. We strive to improve and protect the waterfront’s environmental health while making it possible for residents and others to experience the area’s incredible natural beauty.

We envision a publicly-accessible and continuous nature trail along the waterfront parkland in Mastic Beach, eventually linking bike paths to downtown (Neighborhood Road) and Smith Point Beach. The nexus of the trail will be an Ecology and Arts Education Center located at Violets Cove.

View a brief (1-minute) introductory video to our organization below.


Maura Spery, President

Johnny Panessa, Vice President

David Yun, Vice President

Aeriel Brown, Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Eric Boorum
  • Fortuna Cedeno, Administrator
  • Patrick Cupples
  • Alexandra de Toth
  • Jessamyn Go
  • Emily Harrison
  • Antoinette Kenmuir-Evans, Treasurer
  • Andrea Purcigliotti
  • Ginny Woods


Membership in the Conservancy is open to all and demonstrates a welcome level of commitment and support to our organization. It also provides access to our members-only events and discounts at any ticketed events throughout the year.