Pattersquash Creek Invasive Plant Removal

December 10, 2022, 9:00 am

Yesterday was a perfect example of multiple community groups coming together to improve Mastic Beach’s ecology.

Save the Great South Bay, Pattersquash Civic Assoc and Mastic Beach Conservancy supplied volunteers to remove invasive species along the headwaters of Pattersquash Creek. We also picked up all the trash. This effort is a multi-phase effort and we will be returning to maintain and plant native species in the invasives absence. A healthier creek will benefit us all.

A special thanks to Walter Meshenberg of STGSB, Mike Lovell, Frank Fugarino and Tom Posillico from Pattersquash Civic Assoc for organizing such a successful event. We worked hard together to make a tangible difference! Drive past if you want to see what teamwork can achieve! (We’re spending the day recovering from our hard work!)