Ecology & Arts Education

Nurturing connection and understanding of our wetlands biodiversity.

Learning about our bay ecology at our Kids-N-Sea Creatures event.

Census data for Mastic Beach shows that an overwhelming majority of residents (73%) in the parkland area are at a low or moderate income level. Core to our vision is a commitment to supporting environmental equity. Free and low-cost educational programs should be directed towards supporting the underserved communities that surround Violet Cove and the Tri-Hamlet region.

To that end, we have been partnering with a variety of local organizations to bring educational programs to Mastic Beach. Along with Seatuck Environmental Association, we invite children to explore aquatic wildlife with our Kids-N-Sea Creatures Exploration Day. We’ve also partnered with Audubon Society of Long Island on all-ages bird walks through the peninsula, during which we’ve spotted the rare Salt Marsh Sparrow!

Why Arts Education?

— Youth art education supports improvement in all school subjects and in life
— Proven driver of economic growth and increase in real estate value
— Attracts press attention
— Attracts tourism
— Establishes Mastic Beach as an “arts” & “nature” town

Why Ecology Education?
— Responds to the urgent threat of sea level rise
— Positions Mastic Beach as a leader on climate change and environmental response
— Attracts press attention
— Attracts eco-tourism
— Encourages job growth around environmentally sustainable technology
— Fosters partnerships with environmental groups

We are planning for more arts and ecology programs in the coming seasons. If you are interested in supporting or collaborating with us on this vision, please contact us.

Upcoming Events